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International SIM Cards. Your phone must typically be GSM compatible and be unlocked to accept international SIM cards. Our favorite options are WorldSIM, OneSimCard, or best yet, a SIM card in the country you are visiting.

AT&T. Our favorite setup is AT&T's International Day Pass. For $10 per day you get unlimited high-speed data and voice, which works with your existing plan.

Verizon. Our favorite option for Verizon customers is TravelPass. This plan charges $10 per day for unlimited voice and high-speed data.

T-Mobile.  T-Mobile offers Simple Global, a free unlimited mid-speed data and pay-per minute voice for Magenta plans. High speed data and voice is also available at $5 per day or $50 for 30 days. 

Satellite Voice & Data. Satellite voice and/or data connectivity is desirable for remote volunteer programs, semesters at sea, natural sciences programs in the field, etc. Our favorite network and plan is Iridium GO

Emergency Medical & Evacuation

For the greatest piece of mind, International SOS offers a fulsome medical and security insurance plan tailored to students and interns traveling abroad. Their service has several benefits, some of which include:

Medical Expense and Evacuation Coverage.  Includes $1,000,000 aggregate limit for Emergency Medical Evacuation, Medically Supervised Repatriation, and Repatriation of Remains. And, $500,000 emergency accidental and sickness medical expenses.

Unlimited 24/7 Assistance. Lost document advice and assistance, Support during a security situation or critical medical event, and immediate assistance from security and medical experts during an incident or when you need guidance.

Preparation & Mitigation. Apps and online guides providing alerts and pre-travel guidance and security and medical advice.

Medications & Routine Medical Issues

When local doctors and pharmacies are unavailable or unable to efficiently provide routine care or needed medications, there are options available for international travelers that need English-speaking caregivers, and familiar treatment options, or efficient medication replenishment. 

One of our favorite and most convenient ways to find providers of routine medical care on an international basis is IAMAT Medical Directory. For Traveler Medical Insurance, we like the GeoBlue Voyager plans.

Emergency Devices

Sometimes the ability to call for help is impaired, or regular mobile phone service is unavailable. Several companies offer devices that send distress signals and even text communication using satellite, radio, and cellular networks. One of our favorite options is the Garmin inReach Mini on Iridium's global satellite network.

These devices are simple to use and usually much more affordable than full-fledged satellite communication devices. These are great options for piece of mind on remote volunteer trips, field internships, marine internships, and others. Services can often be paired with response and insurance services from providers like International SOS or HRI, mentioned on this page.

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Crisis Response & Insurance

Sometimes a specialized crisis response is needed in geographies that have unexpected security situations including natural disasters, geopolitical conflicts, criminal activity, enhanced protection needs, and security consulting, among other situations.

HRI and its insurance partner, Highland House, offer both insurance and sophisticated response capabilities. These companies can assist with advanced security needs arising from the prevention or occurrence of thefts, assaults, arrests, rapid evacuations, and other high-consequence international crises.

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