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1. Choose Location & Field

Abroad internships are available in a wide array of locations and in many different fields. You can be quite specific in the choosing of your desired location and field of practice; however, many providers are happy to suggest excellent programs if you are unsure or do not have a specific interest.

Make sure to utilize our customized search tool to help you find internships and providers of interest.

1 Choose

2. Select Provider

Once you have decided on a location and/or professional field, select one or more providers that offer a program that fits your criteria. Certain providers specialize in specific fields or locations, so be sure to compare several offerings.

Providers have strong relationships with the organizations that accept interns and have extensive travel knowledge of the locations of their internship offerings. 

Providers curate the entire experience, encompassing both professional and travel aspects. 

3 Apply
4 Travel
2 Provider

3. Apply to Program

Applying for your targeted internship is guided by the provider you choose to work with. Providers should help you with crafting your resume, developing a cover letter, and preparing for interviews if and when each stage is needed.

Most providers charge a small up-front fee for getting the process started and a subsequent deposit to confirm your placement in a particular internship program.

4. Travel & Intern

In additional to coordinating your internship, providers will typically coordinate the majority of your travel and accommodations during your experience.

Most abroad internship programs also include optional cultural immersions and various types of local excursions for you to experience. While an internship is often the focal point of your trip, there are several options to make a trip well-rounded in terms of professional development, cultural experiences, and fun.

Whats Included?

What is Typically Included?

Generally, most abroad internship providers include the following aspects in the pricing of their programs.

Professional Internship


Visa Assistance

Resume & Application Guidance

Pickups & Transports


Events & Excursions

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